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Five things digital marketers should know about user experience

Start with five, then another five, then another five, and then…

“User experience is becoming an increasingly popular feature of the digital landscape. But as digital marketers, we don’t always have a clear view of what it is, and how it impacts our work.(…) In this article, I’ll brief digital marketers on some of the fundamentals of user experience, and how it impacts their work.”

(Kristin Low ~ Mashable)

Customer experience is the new brand

CX as the new black in marketing.

“The customer experience across every digital touchpoint – whether owned or earned – should be akin to a good waiter in a top restaurant, or a concierge in a top hotel. The thought given to the customer should be evident by the ease with which they can meet their goals. They should be able to move seamlessly, joyfully through the system.”

(Phil Whitehouse ~ Nextness) ~ courtesy of alistapart

The definition of content strategy

Sounds simple: two thousand words of copy a month makes you a thought leader in the end.

“Through your content strategy you should describe your firm’s expertise as clearly and openly as possible. You want to be generous with the knowledge you share through your site’s content strategy. This idea makes many agencies feel uncomfortable (…)”

(Mark O’Brien a.k.a. @NewfangledMark ~ Newfangled)

What I Bring to UX From… Market Research

Market research is rooted in demographics related to consumerism. Design research does the psychographics of me and my ‘group’.

“Research plays a vital role in UX, as we need to understand our users and their motivations in order to design products which meet their needs. Market research is all about finding out what people do and why. But how many companies have combined market research and UX teams? I’m going to outline what it’s like to work in this kind of team and share how my background in market research led to a passion for UX.”

(Jessica Hall a.k.a. @mycatistheboss ~ Johnny Holland Magazine)

Content Strategy for the Web

For many, adding value through content means more ‘conversion’ (a.k.a. traffic, leads, and sales).

“(…) the purpose of your web content centers on the customer’s experience. Just like keyword research attempts to identify what your customers are searching for in your industry, your website can provide the answer to those searches. A smart content strategy begins with understanding what the customer needs rather than what you want to offer them.”

(Arnie Kuenn a.k.a. @ArnieK ~ Business 2 Community)

Marketing: Don’t be a Hater

“Let’s consider branding an essential part of service design solutions. How does branding help unify cross-channel experiences? How can it make services more enjoyable, memorable, and likely to be used again? Let’s acknowledge the value that marketing brings to the UX conversation by including people from marketing departments in our client stakeholder interviews. Ultimately they will be telling the world about the products and services we create.” (Kim Cullen ~ Adaptive Path)