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Measuring customer experience

Business pressure leads to CX quantification. What else can they see in CX?

“Since customer experience is so important, shouldn’t we all want to know how our digital products, services, and interactions compare to those of our competitors? Are they sparkling examples of interactive delight that rival those of the CX champions or more like the punch-in-the-face customers get when they deal with health-plan providers?”

(Ben Werner ~ UXmatters)

Associating UX changes to the Net Promoter Score

Or connecting UX with CX in a quantitative way.

“A bad experience will impact how likely users are to recommend a website or product to a friend. Fixing those bad experiences is critical to increasing positive word of mouth. Unfortunately, there are usually too many things to fix and just as many opinions on what should be fixed. Development teams need to prioritize.”

(Jeff Sauro a.k.a. @MeasuringU ~ Measuring Usability) ~ courtesy of barbarakoop