The Architecture of a Social Business

The Company has a lot to learn and adapt to.

“(…) social media now seems to be touching everything within our organizations. Everything is going social. Whether it’s merely the addition of sharing buttons on content within an existing app, or if it’s a fundamental reworking of a customer support system to be powered by mass community participation instead of trouble tickets, social is infusing our work environment in ways too numerous to count. I now hear from our clients on a regular basis that they are starting to feel ‘surrounded by social.’ Many of them want to regain intellectual control of the changes taking place. They want to know what all the moving parts are and how they are connected. This done, they can then reason and plan about their future social landscape and better support the changes required.”

(Dion Hinchcliffe a.k.a. @dhinchcliffe ~ Dachis Group)

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