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Incorporating more quiet into the UX design process

It’s all human.

“Behind every successful design is a dynamic creative team, and it takes all kinds of personalities and skills to get the job done. However, the culture and expectations of a design agency are often largely centered on one outspoken, gregarious personality. Things such as group brainstorming, on-the-fly presentations and open workspaces have become the norm in most design agencies.”

(Angela Craven a.k.a. @DotGridDotCom and SuAnne Hall a.k.a. @Swan5280 ~ Smashing Magazine)

Design in teams: What designers contribute to multidisciplinary teams

Shared understanding, commitment and direction, team work.

“Products are developed by large multidisciplinary teams. The teams deal with many topics requiring the expertise of several specialists simultaneously. They have to decide together if something is a problem; propose multi-disciplinary solutions; and align their activities into a seamless whole. Stated differently: team members have to ‘think collectively’, which is named team cognition.”

(Guido Stompff a.k.a. @guidostompff ~ About DiT)

What soccer teams and UX teams have in common

Interdisciplinary team work at its best.

“Soccer teams, just like teams in any other sport, share a lot of difficulties and joys with UX teams. Think about how each player needs to have his or her role in the tactic scheme. Isn’t that the same as each creative having his or her own place on the UX team based on specific skills and abilities? Egos, collaboration, controversy, fast decisions, and especially the unpredictable moves are the beauty of being part of the game or the design project. Success in both cases is also closely related to teamwork, individual talents, and leadership.”

(David Sachs a.k.a. @sachs ~ UX Magazine)

Just What is a UX Manager?

UX team lead or UX champion would be a better label.

“UX managers come with all sorts of fancy-pants titles. This isn’t about titles. This is about responsibilities. The core difference between a UX manager and the staff of a UX team is the responsibilities she holds. (…) Someone who manages user experience has stuck their neck out and said they’ll deliver business outcomes through improving the experience that customers have with a product or service. That doesn’t mean soft results like better user testing results, that means delivering the things businesses ultimately care about: adoption, growth, revenue, retention, and margins.”

(Brandon Schauer a.k.a. @brandonschauer ~ Adaptive Path)