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What UX roles you need and why

Roles and activities, responsibilities and points-of-view in UX are changing all the time.

“When thinking about what UX roles a given team requires, so much depends on the nature of the company and the type of project. But there are definitely some UX roles that most teams need when designing and developing applications. Let’s start with the most obvious, then work our way to those that are more obscure. Finally, I’ll describe the soft skills that all UX professionals need to succeed.”

Christian Rohrer a.k.a. /crohrer | @christianrohre ~ UXmatters

Beyond user experience: Onward and upward

UX turning into an interdisciplinary field for real, just like the field of complexity.

“One of the aspects that I enjoy most about the field of user experience is the constant injection of talents and perspectives from a long, eclectic list of other fields, including library sciences, cognitive psychology, ergonomics, anthropology, industrial design, architecture, computer science, and game design to name a few. Many of these fields have been fundamental in defining the roles and processes that we use in modern UX design.”

(Luke Chambers a.k.a. @lukcha ~

What soccer teams and UX teams have in common

Interdisciplinary team work at its best.

“Soccer teams, just like teams in any other sport, share a lot of difficulties and joys with UX teams. Think about how each player needs to have his or her role in the tactic scheme. Isn’t that the same as each creative having his or her own place on the UX team based on specific skills and abilities? Egos, collaboration, controversy, fast decisions, and especially the unpredictable moves are the beauty of being part of the game or the design project. Success in both cases is also closely related to teamwork, individual talents, and leadership.”

(David Sachs a.k.a. @sachs ~ UX Magazine)