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The Dribbblisation of design

How the logical, mental and virtual structures come together in an app.

“A product architecture is not an information architecture. It is not a set of pages that link to one another, or something that shows modals and describes what buttons do. A prototype will always serve this purpose better. It is a level deeper than that. It is the structure. The building blocks. It shows the objects in the system, and the relationships between them.”

(Paul Adams a.k.a. @Padday ~ Inside Intercom)

Transforming our conversation of information architecture with structure

Language generates structure, said RSW.

“Information architecture has been characterized as both an art and a science. Because there’s more evidence of the former than the latter, the academic and research community is justified in hesitating to give the practice of information architecture more attention.”

(Nathaniel Davis a.k.a. @iatheory ~ ASIS&T Bulletin)

Structured Content is Like Your Closet

Based upon the principle of structure: common properties connected.

“Imagine you have a house with a decent-sized closet. But the closet only has couple of hanging rods across the top and middle. Into this closet, you put all of your clothes, from shoes and socks, to suits and ties, sweatpants, your entire wardrobe. And you try to loosely organize the closet – given that all you have are hanging rods. You have a hanger for all of your ties (hanging haphazardly across the middle), you have a pile of socks in one corner, your shirts are on hangers, but placed randomly on the bars. You get the picture.”

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