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Improving UX with Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

Just follow the rules. And then break them.

“UX designers know the importance of telling a good story—we strive to give our users a comprehensive understanding of our creations with consistency, accuracy, and intuitiveness. Recognizing the relationship between these disciplines resulted in a relatively fluid translation of Emma Coats’ rules into lessons for good UX. Think of these as a set of guidelines to facilitate your creative process.”

Eric Celedonia a.k.a. /ericceledonia | @ericceledonia Invision blog

A matter of character: Knowing your users and their stories

The journey is the story, actually. With users (a.k.a. people) as the personae.

“I’m fascinated with the concept of applying storytelling principles to the processes of product development to create great user experiences. Of recent interest is the similarity between making a film and creating a digital product or service.”

(Sarah Doody a.k.a. @sarahdoody ~ UX magazine)

Bill Moggridge: Prototyping Services With Storytelling

“The storytelling supports the exploration of the service idea. Through the use of simple workds, the teller will illustrate the solution as it is a story. This allows the communication of the idea inside a group but also the preparation of the first sketches for the storyboard. The storytelling leaves some blanks to be fill in by the suggestions of other stakeholders and users.” (think + design + change)