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The case for responsive web content: it’s all about the users

Every design discipline and concept comes back to the same place: the ‘user’.

“Most responsive design projects start out as a functional or technical endeavour. I know our projects often do. But if responsive web design is device-agnostic, aimed at people instead of devices, we should try to finally step away from the technical and functional approach, and truly start to put content first.”

(Christiaan W. Lustig a.k.a. @ChristiaanWLstg ~ .net magazine)

Adaptive Content: Our primary platform is burning. Time to jump!

Lot’s of jumping going on lately.

“I think the greatest insight I gained from Karen’s adaptive content talk is the idea that historically, all content has been designed and created for a ‘primary platform’, whose format is well understood. After its initial publication, it must then be reformatted to meet the design realities of any other contexts in which it is to appear.”

(R. Stephen Gracey a.k.a. @rsgracey ~ The Content Strategy Noob)