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UX is a social justice issue

Finally, somebody addressing UX design work for social and common causes, like health, education and privacy. Librarians rulez!

“Let’s look at what it takes to do user experience work. You have to look at your service from the point of view of someone who knows a lot less than you, and see where they’re coming from. You have to imagine the reasons why they want what they want. Seeing that causation, seeing the connection between what someone’s doing now and all the causation that went before it, is empathy. (…) Better user experience is the best force multiplier we have at our command, so it’s vital that we make it a first-class priority, throughout the development process. And with disciplined empathy we can do that – here at the intersection of libraries and tech, we can figure out how to scale hospitality, fix the new last mile problem, and actually achieve the social justice goals that so many of us got into this for.”

(Sumana Harihareswara a.k.a. @brainwane ~ Code4Lib)

Service design in the physical space and why it makes sense to design for a minority

Edge cases are a lot of fun.

“Instead of using the default route and using bricks and mortar to solve a problem in the physical space, which is what architects are good at, this case shows that service designers offer an alternative approach. An approach that is focused on understanding the behavior of people in the space.”

(Marc Fonteijn ~ 31Volts)