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Change management for enterprise content strategy

The enterprise context always adds complexity to the matter.

“Content strategy, its processes and tactics, are for many employees a new way of doing things. With so many content stakeholders and creators within a company, it can be incredibly difficult to not only get buy-in for strategic enterprise content approaches, but also on-going adoption.”

(Kris Mausser a.k.a. @krismausser ~ the discontented company)

Softer side of change

Design thinking representing the soft side? The human side.

“Businesses have always looked at ways to improve, to either save cost or improve operating performance. The drive for improvement is even greater today due to the current economic climate we find ourselves in. Traditional buzz words such as process re-engineering and process improvement are becoming part of every day language once again, as organisations try to become leaner. The challenge faced by organisations when applying these improvement techniques is that the world we find ourselves in today is very different to when these approaches were first defined. Organisations are no longer stand alone entities, most are now part of a large ecosystem with complex interdependencies, spread in some cases across the globe.”

(Mike Clark ~ Bridging the Gap)

UX design and change management: A series of 10 parts

If change is the only stable factor, design can lead the way.

“I try to translate best practices from the domain of change management to the design domain. And from the other side, I identify where change managers need designers to achieve their change goals. To put it more clearly, design is change and change is design.”

(Gerjan Boer a.k.a. @gerjanboer ~ βiRDS on a W!RE)