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Brand experience: There’s no app for that

Challenging the UX way of thinking from a marketing and branding perspective.

“In his opening keynote Thomas Marzano challenges the HCI community to think about Brand Experience instead of User Experience. Tapping from his experience with the new Philips Brand, he will demonstrate us how a company should approach its brand in a holistic way and thus create a better and deeper felt brand differentiation. Thomas firmly believes that putting people at the centre of imagination is the only sustainable way of creating meaningful experiences.”

(Thomas Marzano a.k.a. @ThomasMarzano ~ Chi Sparks 2014 videos)

Why brand-centric UK firms now need to be UX-centric too

And of course, also outside the UK.

“So why are relatively few companies turning to UX professionals or implementing in-house practices? The answer, somewhat predictably, is often cost or lack of human resources. But Is it worth it? Here we take a look at the issues, trends and health of the UX industry. (…) A UX or interaction designer (PJB: sic!) must think about how to conceive and design complex sequences of loosely choreographed interactions and rise to the specific challenges imposed by multi-channel and multi-platform services, managing their constant evolution. It’s hard to deny that the rise of a UX design community has done wonders to improve the perceived quality of many recent products and services. In the future, business is likely to call on them even more.”

(Adriana Hamacher ~ Open Innovation)

The next wave in branding: Merging experiences across markets

Brand experience, user experience or customer experience. Sum of all interactions? Don’t think so.

“The design community has done its fair share to shape a UX-centric product-development culture, and in the last ten years, the practice of UX design – also often labeled with the same “UX” acronym – has arisen in parallel with the market relevance of UX itself. Even though the term “experience” and the expression “user experience” have both been abused to the point of sounding like yesterday’s tired buzzwords, it is hard to deny that the rise of a UX design community has done wonders to improve the perceived quality of many recent products and services.”

(Fabio Sergio a.k.a. @freegorifero ~ FastCo.Design)

Defining User Experience as Brand Experience

Brand experience: outside-in versus inside-out. It’s just a matter of direction

“I have found that the best way to think of user experience is as the core of a brand: the reactor or the nucleus. Without good user experience your brand means nothing. But what is a brand? Its most basic definition is the sum of the experiences that a person has with a company or organization. You may be wondering what branding has to do with you the interface designer.”

(Shawn Borsky a.k.a. @anthemcg ~ Spyre Studios)