No more information architecture?

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“I wrote a piece a while back that there was a “war” of sorts going on between (among?) information achitects (who frequently came out of the library science, writing, or HCI fields), usability experts, and “designers,” and by that, I mean makers of pretty pictures and high concepts (frequently designers who came out of a classic design-for-print-ads field). Judging by the posts I’ve seen on this forum, the job listings (and requirements) in the general field, and, oddly enough, feedback I’ve gotten from users, “information architects” have lost the field and retired – IMHO to the detriment of the discipline. (And I’m talking here about websites and web apps, kiosks, smart phones, etc., not hand-held devices and products or things like menu structuring for DVD players or car audio systems.)”

(IxDA Forum)

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