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April 2016

Reasons why Agile transformations fail

Failures are better to learn from than successes. But they feel horrible.

“In this article, I’ll look at some of the most common reasons behind the failure of agile transformations. My hope is that this information will help your organization to avoid its agile initiatives’ falling foul of the same mistakes and ensure that you’re able to reap all of the rewards the approach has to offer.”

Allie Brock a.k.a. /alliebrock | @brocknroller ~ UXmatters

OOUX: A foundation for interaction design

Where’s The Gang of Four?

“That’s what Object Oriented UX is all about—thinking in terms of objects before actions. In my previous article, we learned how to define objects and design a framework based on those objects. This time, we’re exploring how to smoothly transition from big-picture OOUX to interaction design by using a very simple tool: the CTA (‘Call-To-Action’) Inventory.”

Sophia Voychehovski a.k.a. /sophiav | @sophiavux ~ A List Apart

Four tips for designing Apple Watch apps

Still in the premature design phase of tips, do’s and dont’s.

“Wearable technology, in general, and smartwatches, in particular, are in their infancy, with a lot of activity underway from both global technology powerhouses such as Google and Samsung to startup companies and new entrants of all scales looking to make a name for themselves and claim a stake in the burgeoning smartwatch marketplace. As with other technology markets, Apple is leading the way in smartwatches with its Apple Watch device. This creates a vibrant and promising developer environment. (…) Designers also need to take the time to prototype and test their design with target audiences, as well as pay close attention to the effects of brand fonts and colors that may affect the readability and usability of their design.”

Marian Mota a.k.a. /marianmota ~ Boxes and Arrows

The difference between UI and UX

Apparently, this delta needs to be addressed again, again, and again.

“In today’s creative and technical environment, the terms UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are being used more than ever. Overall, these terms are referring to specialties and ideas that have been around for years prior to the introduction of the abbreviated terminology. But the problem with these new abbreviations is more than just nomenclature. Unfortunately, the terms are quickly becoming dangerous buzzwords: using these terms imprecisely and in often completely inappropriate situations is a constant problem for a growing number of professionals, including: designers, job seekers, and product development specialists. Understanding the proper separation, relationship and usage of the terms is essential to both disciplines.”

Code My Views

The 11 minute guide to a bulletproof UX strategy

In a blink of an eye you have a UX STRATegy.

“The heart of great UX strategy lies in thorough research. Unfortunately, UX research is usually a mess. If you’re an outsider, you’re still getting to know everyone involved in the project at the same time you’re navigating which research activities to take on. If you’re an insider, it can be the same story.”

Robert Hoekman Jr a.k.a. /rhoekmanjr | @rhjr ~ TNW

Seven UX principles to include in your content that will hook readers

The magical number 7, for text only.

“(…) treating your content like a startup. This is something I’ve always been sure to do, and intend on doing it for my new book too. But that’s a product I intend to sell. Oftentimes we neglect the content that takes care of our marketing goals by confining it to a limited framework. When you treat your content as a product, instead of “just” a piece of content, you give it the attention and worth it deserves. And just like products, the user experience of your content matters just as much as the value you deliver within it.”

Tom Whatley a.k.a. /thetomwhatley | @thetomwhatley ~ Content Marketer