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January 2014

How to improve UX with service design tools

Always thought service design and UX design were close cousins.

“We hear plenty of talk about the power of design. It is a very pragmatic discipline. Look around you, nearly everything you touch has been designed. For this particular scenario, design attempts to ask (and answer) questions such as: what should the customer experience be like? What should the employee experience be like? How does a company maintain a consistent brand essence and stay relevant to its customers? How might we take the principles of design and stretch them to examine the intangibles?”

(C. Todd Lombardo a.k.a. @iamctodd ~ jaxenter)

The building blocks of designing UX for kids

Differentiation of the UX field into multiple roles: customers, patients, citizens and kids.

“Designing for kids is a unique and challenging situation for any UX professional. While many principles and practices span across all ages, there are many issues which arise exclusively when dealing with children. In this introductory article we’ll look at kids and the specific issues that they bring about. We’ll also examine some guidelines, constraints, and considerations that you should take into account when designing UX for kids.”

(Justin Smith a.k.a. @xenoabe ~ webdesign tuts plus)