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May 2012

Computer Screens Getting Bigger

In the end, high quality screens will have more social impact than faster CPU cycles, improved bandwidth or cheaper storage. Think Retina Displays and beyond.

“Reasonably big monitors have finally become the most common class of desktop computer screen, dethroning the 1024×768 resolution that was long the target for web design.”

(Jakob Nielsen ~ Alertbox)

Responsive web design: A project-management perspective

The silver bullet is not as silver as you think it is.

“Reading blogs out there, you will notice that every attempt to fix a responsive design process is still very experimental: there are as many offered ways as there are blog articles about it! Progress is being made, but nothing is really set in stone at the moment. Knowing that, the most important thing right now is to make sure you ask the right questions at the start of each project, make the right choices, and jump into experimentation yourself with a maximum amount of pragmatism. If you find a good idea to make all of these challenges smoother, please write about it and share your discoveries on the web!”

(Rudy Rigot ~ Dev.Opera) ~ courtesy of luctiemessen

A(nother) call to action regarding healthcare

Again a broken 20th century institution to refocus on experience: the PX

“In my view, UX designers can do more. Learn about the problematic healthcare cultural characteristics that dominate and that need to change. Alter how you do design research. Don’t limit yourself to incremental innovation and work that is narrowly focused on UIs. Question the advisability of doing projects that, in essence, only amount to putting lipstick on the very large healthcare pig. Escape your comfort zones in order to have the kind of impact on the world that you desire.”

(Richard Anderson a.k.a. @riander)

Seven Deadly Mobile Myths: Josh Clark Debunks the Desktop Paradigm and More

Are we all in a state of (design) confusion?

“It’s a thrilling but overwhelming moment in the history of technology, and most of us are running hard just to keep up. I strongly believe this is a time to be generous… to share ideas, offer critique, and do everything we can to help one another develop the techniques and philosophies necessary to push our digital efforts forward.”

(Anthony Wing Kosner ~ Forbes) courtesy of birgitgeiberger

Customer experience: The natural ally for UX in business

One of my rare original blogposts.

Disclosure: I work at Informaat (The Netherlands) ~ “In this post, I would like to talk about what has been on my mind for the last year or two: the relationship between user experience and customer experience and how user experience designers can extend their influence in businesses.”

(Peter Bogaards a.k.a. @BogieZero ~ βiRDS on a W!RE)

Content strategy is not always ux

The DTDT thing disguised as an opinion.

“The complex interplay between UX and content strategy allows for many different scenarios, but one thing is clear to us: Most of the time, content strategy efforts should not fall under UX. UX professionals are expert in creating intuitive, clear paths within websites for visitors to consume all your audience-targeted content. Content strategists are expert at creating content that meets audience needs.”

(Linda Leung ~ Tendo Communications)

How to Win the UX War Within Your Organization

War might not be the proper analogy.

“When companies don’t care about user experience, it is clearly reflected in the products they create. Although everyone can agree that software should be intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, many managers aren’t willing to invest the time and resources it takes to build something compelling. A large part of our job as UX advocates, then, is explaining design’s impact on the company as a whole. Determining which battles to win and which battles to lose – even intentionally – can help you win the UX war.”

(Girish Gangadharan a.k.a. @appoosa ~ UX Booth)