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Designing for generations: A look at UX in healthcare

Designing a healthy experience.

“As UX researchers and designers working in healthcare, it’s our job to advocate for the user. Involving nurses in innovation and research is critical in advancing the digitization of healthcare. As you plan research and design, consider the varied ages and tech approaches of clinicians and beware of the complex ecosystem in which your designs will live. Given the growth of voice interfaces, telemedicine, AR/VR, etc, we are witnessing a wave of new technology in healthcare and with it comes an equally large learning curve.”

Eliana Stein and Barbara Gulten ~ UX Booth

Designing a better experience for patients

Signs of growth: spin-offs of UX in tourism, banking, and health. Next-up: Edu.

“As the current system of delivering care for patients has proved not to be so effective and sustainable for the future, also because of the demographic change, the health sector is looking for different models of designing and delivering services, also learning at different disciplines to mutuate tools and approach.”

(Paola Pierri a.k.a. @paolapierri ~ MEDlove 2012)

A(nother) call to action regarding healthcare

Again a broken 20th century institution to refocus on experience: the PX

“In my view, UX designers can do more. Learn about the problematic healthcare cultural characteristics that dominate and that need to change. Alter how you do design research. Don’t limit yourself to incremental innovation and work that is narrowly focused on UIs. Question the advisability of doing projects that, in essence, only amount to putting lipstick on the very large healthcare pig. Escape your comfort zones in order to have the kind of impact on the world that you desire.”

(Richard Anderson a.k.a. @riander)