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June 2003

Brand Experience for Business Success

“Apple is an excellent example of building an organization, from products to market, around the people who will participate in the experience. Particularly for graphic designers and other creative types who grew up appreciating Apple but perhaps being unfamiliar with what marketing is and how it works, Apple Computer, Inc. is a textbook case of a company successfully identifying the needs of their market and participants.” (Dirk Knemeyer – Thread Inc.)

Searching The Workplace Web

“The corporate intranet is an organism that is at once very similar to and very unlike the Internet at large. A well-designed intranet (…) is perhaps the most significant step that corporations can make – and have made in recent years – to improve productivity and communication between individuals in an organization.” (Ronald Fagin et al. – IBM Almaden Research Center) – courtesy of column two


“(…) a tool designed to let every individual manage all of their information in the way that makes the most sense to them. By removing the arbitrary barriers created by applications only handling certain information ‘types’, and recording only a fixed set of relationships defined by the developer, we aim to let users define whichever arrangements of, connections between, and views of information they find most effective. Such personalization of information management will dramatically improve each individual’s ability to find what they need when they need it.” (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science) – courtesy of antenna

Solving Mobile Challenges with Psychology-driven IA

“As the field of information architecture matures, we are beginning to understand the new challenges it raises for wireless media. This article suggests that some of these challenges can be best addressed through an approach called ‘psychology-driven information architecture’ (PDIA), which bases design decisions and solutions on the psychological profile of the end user.” (Oded NapchiBoxes and Arrows)

CHI 2004 Connect

“Our conference theme is CONNECT, and we’ve created new opportunities for conference attendees to connect with technology, with each other, and with Vienna, a marvelous central European city of imperial tradition and modern creativity.” (April 24-29, 2004 – Vienna, Austra EU – ACM SIGCHI)