Why service design is so valuable

Whatever it takes: usability, user experience, customer experience, or service design.

“To be able to build sustainable businesses, they need to create real value. That’s why service design is so great. Service design makes use of an analytic, methodical process, but combines this with a creative, exploring and customer focused approach. It combines left and right brain thinking. This makes sure your focus will remain on long term value creation, without neglecting short term results. And not only results for your own business, but for all stakeholders involved. And that’s tough. That requires a change in culture. A culture, where the customer is really king. Where innovation is viewed as a responsibility for the entire company. Where people get the chance to try stuff out, and where they don’t get hanged directly if it does not work. Where management includes creative people and functions like chief experience officer exist.”

(Robbert-Jan van Oeveren a.k.a. @RobbertJan ~ Buro Koos)

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