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At the crossroads of chaos and calamity

See how IBM is revitalizing Design in its organization.

“In a 1966 memo to all IBM employees, then-Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Watson, Jr. declared, Good design is good business. At that point in history, IBM used design to demystify technology when computing was new. Almost half a century later, IBM is using great design to create enterprise-class products that people love to use to get their work done. Scaling modern design across a portfolio of thousands of products that serve clients in more than 170 countries is much more than a two-pizza team challenge—and we like it that way.”

(Phil Gilbert a.k.a. @philgilbertsr ~ AIGA Gain conference 2014)

Bursting the Content Bubble (and Getting What You Want)

The context you’re getting into as UX and its related fields of practice gets more complex every time.

Presentation video – “As content strategy people, we need to learn about sales, metrics, figures, change management, PR, and marketing, if we’re going to get our content strategy adopted by our companies and our clients. Which means stepping out of our comfort zones, and having the courage to learn about other disciplines. Kate shows us how, by sharing her recent experiences doing exactly that.”

(Kate Kenyon a.k.a. @kate_kenyon)