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Connecting the customer experience

Unfortunately, no design or Design mentioned whatsoever.

“Enabling great customer experiences and optimizing them across all touchpoints in a consistent and human, customer-centric way leads to marketing success. And it increasingly revolves around personal, personalized and at the same time connected and integrated approaches.”

(J-P De Clerck a.k.a. @conversionation ~ i-Scoop)

Un-sucking the touchpoint

Touchpoint as device, product or channel is not specific enough. Conversations build from stories, dialogues and interactions might be.

“The touchpoint has been around for a long while, particularly in thinking about brand marketing and service design. But as design disciplines and approaches collide – from customer experience, to service design, to experience design – and we start horse trading terms, methods, and outputs, some of these concepts are given new life. For me, the touchpoint has become a central way to view designing moments across increasingly complex journeys. Whether it’s an expanding digital product ecosystem, a cross-channel retail experience, or a complex, intangible service experience.”

(Chris Risdon a.k.a. @chrisrisdon ~ Adaptive Path)

Tools supporting the design process

Cross-channel becomes touchpoint orchestration.

Example: Touchpoint orchestration ~ “Consumers interact with companies in many different ways. They may receive corporate information through publicity in the media, they see brand advertisements on TV or in magazines, they interact with personnel during the buying process or at the customer service desk, they unwrap packaged goods, they sample products in stores, and so on. Ideally, the different design elements that consumers experience should work together like the instruments in an orchestra to create the overall experience. Just like the instruments in the orchestra each have a different character, the design elements do not need to be similar in order to work together in creating a great and engaging experience. Touchpoint orchestration makes sure that all different elements work together and in the right order, in order to create the desired user experience.”

(Experience Driven Innovation)