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Tools for mobile UX design: Task flows

When something can be carried around and the context changes, what does it mean for Design.

“For years, really ever since User Experience became a practice area with processes and principles, we’ve been saying that the best time to engage with a project is early. But we simply do not exercise that principle often enough. We’re all too happy to please our bosses and clients in the short term—and let them insist that we can do our work fast, cheap, and well.”

(Steven Hoober ~ UXmatters)

Where are the Mobile First Responsive Web Designs?

“Mobile first design is primarily about the starting point. After a site is complete, how can I tell whether or not the developer started from the mobile and built up to desktop or started from the desktop and whittled down to mobile? I didn’t want to have to tear apart over a hundred sites in the gallery to find the handful of mobile first sites. I needed some way to narrow the number of sites I cared about to some sort of manageable number.”

(Jason Grigsby a.k.a. @grigs ~ Cloud Four)
courtesy of lukew