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Content re-framing: A digital disruption survival kit

Hope it helps.

A manifesto to connect experience design with content thinking. ~ “New challenges are upon us content people. The era of digital disruption requires adaptation at many levels by anyone involved with content, whatever its form or shape. As content crusaders, we want to point the road to travel with 10 imperatives. “Old school” and cutting-edge content organizations and professionals all face the same challenge of inventing and discovering mechanisms, rules and principles of unknown territories for content application. With this manifesto, we intend to reduce the friction in our collective journey of credible, useful, and relevant content for the digital era.”

(Bas Evers a.k.a. @everbass and Peter Bogaards a.k.a. @bogiezero ~ βiRDS on a W!RE)
Disclosure: I work at Informaat (The Netherlands)