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Manufacturing Magic and Computational Creativity

Magic from the Machine.

“This paper describes techniques in computational creativity, blending mathematical modeling and psychological insight, to generate new magic tricks. The details of an explicit computational framework capable of creating new magic tricks are summarized, and evaluated against a range of contemporary theories about what constitutes a creative system. To allow further development of the proposed system we situate this approach to the generation of magic in the wider context of other areas of application in computational creativity in performance arts. We show how approaches in these domains could be incorporated to enhance future magic generation systems, and critically review possible future applications of such magic generating computers.”

Howard Williams and Peter W. McOwan ~ Frontiers in Psychology

Mystical guidelines for creating great user experiences

I would go for magical guidelines. UX and Magic, brothers in arms.

“This article aims to present an overview of the mystical process of creation and principal of co-creation and to illustrate how it can guide bringing digital product ideas into reality–although it’s easy enough to see how this could translate to other products and services–in a way that ensures a great user experience, and makes our creative process more natural and outcomes more fruitful.”

(Tal Bloom a.k.a. @TalBloom ~ Boxes and Arrows)

Applying the Principles of Stage Magic to the User Experience

And then… something magic happens here.

“Stage magicians have been astonishing and delighting their audiences for years. But there is a surprising amount of repeatable principles behind the art of illusion. The bulk of the actual work in a practiced stage act is more about directing the audience’s attention and expectations. Your application can also benefit from the principled application of practices such as direction/misdirection and not letting your users see your secret preparations and many others.”

(Danno Ferrin a.k.a. @shemnon)

Passive magic, design of delightful experience

“It is noteworthy when the design of an experience is so compelling that you feel wonder and delight. When designed right it feels totally natural, some might even say it is truly ‘intuitive’. No training is needed, no set-up, no break in flow, the tool fits seamlessly, improving without disrupting your experience; it’s like a little bit of magic.” (Stefan Klocek ~ Cooper Journal)