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Experience design is shaping our future

Tech pub company sees the design light.

“Design aligns humans and technology, it aligns business and engineering, it aligns digital and physical, and it aligns business needs and user needs. (…) Design is both the disruptor and being disrupted. It’s disrupting markets, organizations, and relationships, and forcing us to rethink how we live. The discipline of design is also experiencing tremendous growth and change, largely influenced by economic and technology factors. No longer an afterthought, design is now an essential part of a product, and it may even be the most important part of a product’s value.”

(Mary Treseler a.k.a. @marytreseler ~ O’Reilly Radar)

Every company is an experience company

CX, the sum of design for UX and BX a.k.a. XD.

“Reflecting on my earlier work on brands as media companies, I realize that the word media was really a placeholder for experience. It’s not that every company should be a media company per se – but rather, that every company must become an experience company. Media is one kind of experience – but for many companies, the right kind of experience is not media, at least if we understand “media” to mean content. (…) I believe that every brand needs to get good at experience design and delivery. Those that are great at it tend to grow by exponential word of mouth – think of Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, or Earnest (a new lending company). When marketing becomes experience design, brands win.”

(John Batelle’s a.k.a. @johnbattelle ~ Search Blog)

Designing moments of meaning and pleasure: Experience design and happiness

Let’s be happy. Sure, for the rest of our life.

“While society changes its focus from ‘well-fare’ to ‘well-being’, design becomes increasingly interested in the question whether it can design for happiness. In the present paper, we outline Experience Design, an approach which places pleasurable and meaningful moments at the center of all design efforts. We discuss reasons for focusing on experiences, and provide conceptual tools to help designers, such as a model of an artifact as explicitly consisting of both the material and the experiential. We suggest psychological needs as a way to understand and categorize experiences, and ‘experience patterns’ as a tool to distill the ‘essence’ of an experience for inscribing it into artifacts. Finally, we briefly reflect upon the morality implied by such experiential artifacts.”

(Marc Hassenzahl et al. ~ International Journal of Design 7.3)

Experience design is a perspective, not a discipline

Dynamic DTDT at the edges of our field.

“Our intention is to help business and design collaborate more intelligently. Unlocking the power of design allows a business to anticipate, plan for, and deliver experiences that are more likely to engage a customer in value-based relationships – ones that can be differentiated in ways that are both meaningful and measurable.”

(Patrick Newbery ~ UX Magazine)

Designing healthy organizations: Education and transparency in XD consulting work

Adding XD to the X-soup.

“Luckily, the healthcare industry has figured out more effective approaches to treating patients and achieving better outcomes. Unfortunately, those of us in experience design (XD) consulting have not. In this column, I’ll first explore why the typical XD consulting approach is not healthy for our client organizations. Then I’ll look at what I think should be the ultimate goal of an XD engagement: educating our clients and being transparent about our XD methods and approaches.”

(Laura Keller ~ UXmatters)

All Experience is Organized

Organized through orchestration, choreography, or direction.

“Experience design claims to know better both a user experience as well as its design. The paradox therein being that no experience is designed. Experience is either in the Now, in which case it is event. Or it’s in the past, in which case it is reflected upon and then retold.”

(Adrian Chan a.k.a. @gravity7 ~ Johnny Holland Magazine)