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Universal Design principles improve accessibility in onboarding

Application onboarding versus organisation onboarding. Just a matter of principles.

“As a UX designer and marketer in the tech industry, I have been onboarded for a number of software and design projects. During these onboarding processes, I have noticed that software, apps, and user flows are not always conveyed in a simple, readily-comprehensible manner. As software and apps become more complex, the ability to define and explain technical concepts in simple terms has become an increasingly valuable skill for project leaders. In noticing this, an adherence to universal design principles would improve accessibility for all who take part in the onboarding process.”

Nicholas Farmen a.k.a. @FarmenNicholas ~ UXbooth

How design principles help you make design decisions

If no principles, then random and ad hoc decisions.

“While some principles are more important than others and are likely to be thought about first, I don’t think you apply design principles in sequence. The principles of design are about how to communicate ideas and concepts graphically. Understanding them leads to better design decisions. While this post will focus on design, please note much of what’s here could be applied to many other aspects of life. As a general rule I think understanding more about any subject is valuable in helping you make better decisions.”

(Steven Bradley Glicksman a.k.a. @vangogh ~ Vanseo Design)