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Can’t get no satisfaction: Why service companies can’t keep their promises

For a lot of companies, it’s just annoying that they have customers.

“Service companies can’t show customers a tangible product. Since services are intangible, the only way to sell them is by making a promise to perform. But most service companies fail to keep their promises, leaving customers frustrated, confused and abused. Why do so many service companies fail to keep their promises to customers?”

(David Gray a.k.a. @davegray ~ Dachis Group)

Everything is a service

But what if ‘everything’ is, then ‘nothing’ is.

“The emerging service economy will require business and society to do some some fundamental restructuring. The organizations that got us to this point have been hyper-optimized into super-efficient production machines, capable of pushing out an abundance of material wealth. Unfortunately, there is no way to proceed without dismantling some of that precious infrastructure. The changes are already underway.”

(Dave Gray a.k.a. @davegray ~ Dachis Group)

A Service Design Approach Is Required To Deliver Great Customer Experiences

For commercial contexts, that’s true. But there is so much more…

“Internally focussed business tools, processes and systems are often thought about and designed in isolation from the design of the things customers interact with. Or to put this another way, projects that focus on improving the customer experience often don’t fully consider the tools, processes and systems staff use in the delivery of the experience.”

(Iain Barker ~ @Iain_barker ~ Meld Studios)

Innovation in Customer Experience

“The experience delivered by a product or service can be a source of competitive advantage and business value through innovation. Experience designers – using the empathy they generate with customers during primary research, and the understanding of the customers’ broad context of use they gain – are well-placed to be the source of such innovation.” (Steve Baty ~ Meld Studios) courtesy of jameskalbach

The Importance of Designing an Experience Culture

“Attitudes and behaviors are constantly being shaped within organizations. It’s the reason there are performance reviews, processes and procedures, and role expectations. If business leaders want to foster a specific culture, then all opportunities, activities, and expectations of their staffs will be measured against the success of exemplifying that culture. To design is to plan something for a specific role, purpose, or effect – to work out its form. Company culture is designed in every conversation, and in every bit of feedback and evaluation criteria. It’s possible to control the corporate atmosphere by choosing which behaviors to support and encourage, and which to discourage. Cultures grow organically, but they are actively designed.” (Cynthia Thomas ~ UX Magazine)