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Intersection: How enterprise design bridges the gap between business, technology and people

With this book, Milan Guenther achieved a comprehensive reframing of the Enterprise concept for the 21st century with Design as its primary driver. Intersection will become a beacon for many in the design, business and technology communities.

“Many organizations struggle with the dynamics and the complexity of today’s social ecosystems connecting everyone and everything, everywhere and all the time. Facing challenges at the intersection of business models, technical developments and human needs, enterprises must overcome the siloed thinking and isolated efforts of the past, and instead address relationships to people holistically. In Intersection, Milan Guenther introduces a Strategic Design approach that aligns the overarching efforts of Branding, Enterprise Architecture and Experience Design on common course to shape tomorrow’s enterprises. This book gives designers, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders a holistic model and a comprehensive vocabulary to tackle such challenges.”

(Milan Guenther a.k.a. @eda__c)

Search Analytics for Your Site: Conversations With Your Customers

“Any organization that has a searchable web site or intranet is sitting on top of hugely valuable and usually under-exploited data: logs that capture what users are searching for, how often each query was searched, and how many results each query retrieved. Search queries are gold: they are real data that show us exactly what users are searching for in their own words. This book shows you how to use search analytics to carry on a conversation with your customers: listen to and understand their needs, and improve your content, navigation and search performance to meet those needs.”

(Louis Rosenfeld a.k.a. @louisrosenfeld ~ Rosenfeld Media)

Mobile Design and Development: Practical Concepts and Techniques for Creating Mobile Sites and Web Apps

Free for anyone to read – “In the book I share my advice and experience working with publishing content to mobile devices from the past decade and discuss what I think will be important in the next decade of mobile and the web. Even though mobile is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet with things changing every day, I spent a considerable amount of thought and time to try to fill the book with timeless advice that isn’t specific to a particular platform or en vogue device.” (Brian Fling)

A Checklist for Content Work

“There’s really only one central principle of good content: it should be appropriate for your business, for your users, and for its context. Appropriate in its method of delivery, in its style and structure, and above all in its substance. As Erin Kissane explains, content strategy is the practice of determining what each of those things means for your project – and how to get there from where you are now.” (A List Apart)

An Interview with Jesse James Garrett

“I’m pretty excited that the new edition of Elements of User Experience is out – the first edition was one of the first books I really connected with, and it’s great to see a refresh. What are some of the highlights in this version? (…) There is so much evident care and craft in the Rosenfeld Media books – I think they now occupy the place O’Reilly books held 15 years ago as definitive works.” (Russ Unger ~ Peachpit)