Smaller, better, faster, and stronger: Remaking government for the digital age

Or how digital disrupts government as well.

“The internet is changing our world in more ways than we could ever have imagined. And as it reaches into every corner of our lives, it is transforming our relationships with one another, the jobs we do and the ways we spend our time. For the organizations living through these changes, the operating environment has changed profoundly. Around the world, industry after industry has been turned on its head by the internet and the things that digital technology makes possible. But when we look back over the last two decades, nowhere has the internet revolution been felt less than in the business of government. To its credit, the current administration has made a real effort to up the pace of reform. Much progress has already been made, spearheaded by the new Government Digital Service. The Government Digital Strategy lays out what more there is to do over the next two years. That the government goes on to achieve the goals it has set itself is tremendously important. It is also only the beginning.”

(Chris Yiu with Sarah Fink ~ Policy Exchange)

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