Service Design: Designing cross-channel service experiences

Listen to the thoughts, insights and ideas on service design of this illustrious trio.

“We’ll start with a brief introduction to Service Design and cover a case study from an insurance company to demonstrate its key service design ideas and methods. Gjensidige – Norway’s biggest insurance company – is a large organization dealing with an abstract “product” of insurance and financial services, but with outcomes that deeply affect people at critical moments in their lives. Building on Gjensidige’s strategy to be completely customer centered, we will show you how a service blueprint can bring together groups – like Marketing and IT – that are often misaligned and at times at war. We’ll also show you how cross-channel experience prototyping with customers and staff made two organizations (insurance and banking) feel like one to the customer.”

(Lavrans Løvlie, Andy Polaine, and Ben Reason ~ O’Reilly)

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