Motors and Music: Explorations of tangible interaction

Nice keynote presentation by Mister Sketch with some remarkable projects from CIID.

“Human-computer interaction is spreading into everyday objects like phones, cars, toys, books and instruments. Many interactions are implicit (the door ‘does the right thing’ when I approach); others are more ‘explicit’ (I push it). How do you know what the door is doing (e.g. ‘not allowed’)? Can you control it more expressively (e.g. ‘fling’). If the door has a motor in it; can we ‘feel’ the force/motion/inertia/reluctance? Music and musical performance are a challenge to HCI. Some of the best performances require precise expressive motions. I will describe experiments which use active force feedback (haptics) in the design of musical controllers. There are lessons for a broad range of interaction designers.”

(Bill Verplank ~ Chi Sparks 2011 videos)

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