Is the Future of the Internet the Future of Knowledge?

“US-based panel speakers Lawrence M. Sanger, PhD and Andrew Keen discuss issues of legitimacy, credibility, regulation and censorship on the Internet. What role do truth, trust and expertise have to play in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and news through the Internet? What (or who) should we believe and why? Is the Internet’s role in shaping knowledge creation and dissemination broadly a force for good? Doesn’t participation educate? Doesn’t such an array of easily accessible knowledge and information have a potentially democratising effect? Should knowledge and news production by non-professionals on the Internet be limited in any way? This panel discussion was part of the Weidenfeld Scholars’ Speaker Series in Oxford, sponsored by the Weidenfeld Institute for Strategic Dialogue (London) and organized in collaboration with the OII.” (Oxford Internet Institute)

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