Great Customer Experiences Learn Continuously

Humans just have one mission in life and that’s to learn. From the beginning ’til the end.

From Apple’s poster for its retail employees. – “All of these experiences have made us smarter. And at the very center of all we’ve accomplished, all we’ve learned over the past 10 years, are our people. People who understand how important art is to technology. People who match, and often exceed, the excitement of our customers on days we release new products. The more than 30,000 smart, dedicated employees who work so hard to create lasting relationships with the millions who walk through our doors. Whether the task at hand is fixing computers, teaching workshops, organizing inventory, designing iconic structures, inventing proprietary technology, negotiating deals, sweating the details of signage, or doing countless other things, we’ve learned to hire the best in every discipline.”

(Mike Wittenstein a.k.a. @mikewittenstein)

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