Cautious Cars and Cantankerous Kitchens PDF Logo

“What does it mean, asks Don Norman in his provocative lecture when our automobiles get frightened, when our refrigerator won’t let us eat that nice piece of pie, and when our homes detect our moods and play music they think will cheer us up? And why, asks Norman, does he obey his car when it asks him to slow down, but not his wife? In his provocative and witty talks, Norman examines the future of devices we may all have to live with, even if they do not serve us the way they are intended. Some of these devices are already upon us while the others are still in the planning stage – that is, unless we can somehow turn the tables and get the engineers and designers to switch from building stuff just because they can, to building stuff because we need and want them to.” (Donald A. Norman – From Business To Buttons 2008)

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