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Information Architecture for Audio: Doing It Right

“Creating usable audio is not difficult when you follow a few simple rules. These mostly stem from the creation of usable content in the form of text. Information architecture, journalism, educational psychology, usability engineering and interface design provide plentiful tips for doing so. Most of the methods used in these fields can be applied to the creation of audio.” (Jens JacobsenBoxes and Arrows)

UX consciousness in business magazines

“It’s surprising that content management and web analytics, two highly concrete topics that can make a large dent on the bottom line, register relatively little attention from business publications. Also of interest: while business publications are half as likely to focus on user experience, they’re far more focused on experience design than the web as a whole. As these two terms are often considered synonyms, this is quite strange.” (Louis RosenfeldRosenfeld Media)

Creative Generalist Q&A: Jane Fulton Suri

“By calling it the ’empathic economy’ I’m emphasizing that part of the inspiration and motivation for innovation that comes from creativity sparked by emotional, human, empathic resonance with other people’s conditions, not only the more traditional functional analyses of interdependencies that might be more common.” (Steve HardyCreative Generalist) – courtesy of puttingpeoplefirst

Rethinking EIA: Becoming Information Ecologists

“This post attempts to rethink EIA and argues that information architecture need not be constrained to designing structures and managing content as it relates to the Web or for any electronic system for that matter. Instead, I argue that an enterprise information architect might also be called, as Thomas Davenport coins it, an ‘Information Ecologist’.” (Rob FayPartial Recall) – courtesy of steptwodesign