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Content curation

Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. (source: Wikipedia)

The new journalist is an information startup

Couldn’t have described it better.

“At the crossroad of journalism and entrepreneurship sits a new emerging profession, made up in good part by the skills of the classic journalist, in part by those of the researcher, of the librarian and of the new emerging content curator mixed in with those of the capable independent digital entrepreneur.”

(Robin Good a.k.a. @RobinGood ~ MasterNewMedia)

The State of the Content Industry

Content (the stuff formerly known as information) has always been my reason to go to the WWW.

InfoDesign WebGem #6,400 – “At the forefront of this shift is the re-emergence of original, quality content and the surge in brands acting as publishers. Add to this changing landscape a redefining of journalism, shaped by social media, and the latest disruption in the broadcast industry, and media analysts see an industry that is both exciting and unsettling.”

(Patrick Burke ~ The Content Strategist a.k.a. @contently)