Book review: Intersection

In just one word, “gründlich”.

“(…) for me, the contrast between designers and more science-/engineering-oriented professionals has become a long-standing theme. But I find this debate refreshing and, again and again, it leads to interesting thoughts and viewpoints. One of the recent arguments that designers put forth when emphasizing their aptness for guiding and leading strategic design initiatives is that they maintain a holistic point of view and that, unlike people with a science or engineering background, they are not blinded or paralyzed by details. Located on the other side of the trench, I am somewhat skeptical with regard to such statements. To exaggerate my point somewhat, I view designers like butterflies who jump from flower to flower and become dizzy when thinking about all the connections and interrelations between flowers/design aspects. But, as the book shows when Guenther applies his framework to a general design process, designers, too, focus on specific aspects when this seems appropriate. So there is hope for finding common ground.”

(Gerd Waloszek ~ SAPdesignguild)

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