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December 2011

The difference between a UX Designer and UI Developer

DTDT (again): Interface is part of the object and experience is part of the subject, be it for design or development purposes.

“UX Designers focus on the structure and layout of content, navigation and how users interact with them. (…) UI Developers focus on the way the functionality is displayed and the fine detail of how users interact with the interface.”

(Ben Melbourne a.k.a. @benmelb ~ as in the city)

The Anatomy of an Experience Map

Great and necessary piece of information visualization for understanding purposes.

“Experience maps have become more prominent over the past few years, largely because companies are realizing the interconnectedness of the cross-channel experience. It’s becoming increasingly useful to gain insight in order to orchestrate service touchpoints over time and space.”

(Chris Risdon a.k.a. @ChrisRisdon ~ Adaptive Path)