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November 2008

The Design Manifesto

“Here is the ‘manifesto’ of our Global Agenda Council/Design group that came out of an amazing day of discussion in Dubai about the financial/economic crisis and what design thinking can do to help reshape the big issues of the day. It is an excellent summary of the state of art of design and innovation.” (Bruce Nussbaum) – courtesy of marcelzwiers

DD4D: Data Designed for Decisions

“Data tells the stories of our lives and societies, but it needs intermediaries to find it, to visualise it, to communicate it, to help understand it and act on it. In a joint conference the International Institute for Information Design and the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development take up the subject from their respective positions, exploring how people interact with (statistical) data. How can data help people understand, and how does understanding help people to take action?” (International Institute for Information Design)

Newspaper Website Design: Trends And Examples

“News websites can be intriguing to examine from a design perspective. Regardless of what type of news they cover, they all face the challenge of displaying a huge amount of content on the home page, which creates plenty of layout, usability and navigational challenges for the designer. The lessons that can be learned from examining how news websites address these challenges can be valuable for designers who work with other types of websites, including ones with blog theme designs.” (Steven Snell – Smashing Magazine)

First Fictions and the Parable of the Palace

“Welcome to the inaugural installment of ‘Everyware: Designing the Ubiquitous Experience“, a column exploring user experience and design in the era of ubiquitous computing. Through this column, interested readers can investigate the expanding wavefront of the ubiquitous experience as it impacts design, covering topics ranging from ubiquitous computing to near-field communication, pervasive computing, The Internet of Things, spimes, ubicomp, locative media, and ambient informatics.” (Joe LamantiaUXmatters)

Common Visual Design Misconceptions

“Recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on common misconceptions about the role of visual design that are still prominent in the beliefs of executives, product leaders, engineering managers, and marketing professionals. Is there anything team members can do to illustrate certain beliefs are wrong? What could they do to demonstrate the truth about visual design to coworkers and stakeholders?” (Luke WroblewskiUXmatters)