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October 2003

How Much Information? 2003

“We estimate that the amount of new information stored on paper, film, magnetic, and optical media has about doubled in the last three years. Information explosion? We estimate that new stored information grew about 30% a year between 1999 and 2002. Paperless society? The amount of information printed on paper is still increasing, but the vast majority of original information on paper is produced by individuals in office documents and mail, not in formally published titles such as books, newspapers and journals.” (School of Information Management & SystemsUniversity of California at Berkeley)

HITS 2003 Presentation Slides

“Interaction design is, now more than ever, a critical resource for business strategy. A growing gap exists between companies’ increasing knowledge of technology and taking products to market, and their decreasing understanding of people’s everyday needs and wants for interaction with media, services and physical products, all of which are increasingly embedded with digital interactive technology.” (HITS 2003)

The Value of Usability

“Value” is like ‘quality’Ý– no one seems to be able to define it, and yet everyone knows it when they see it. This ATW feature explores the concept of ‘value’ in a Web site and looks at how creating usable Webspace is an integral part of creating valuable Webspace.” (All Things Web)

U-Pods: The Business of Usability

“U-Pods focuses on the business of usability and the people charged with the responsibility of managing that business. As a peer-based community, U-Pods brings the right people together within the right scale and structure to foster the right type of dialog, support, relationships, and history. U-Pods’ creation of small-scale pods collectively forming a large-scale organization gives you the best of both worlds. ” (About U-Pods) – courtesy of usability news