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SpiekerBlog 2.0

“All new in 2007, except the old materials in the archives. Those will eventuelly either be refreshed or delted. New stuff will be added whenever called for. The German text will no longer interfere with the process of reading English. It now has its own site.” (Erik Spiekermann)

Weblog-mediated relationship: A co-constructed narrative

Draft chapter – “Although weblogs are perceived as low-threshold tools to publish on-line, empowering individual expression in public, there is growing evidence of social structures evolving around weblogs and their influence on norms and practices of blogging. This evidence ranges from voices of bloggers themselves speaking about the social effects of blogging, to studies on specific weblog communities with distinct cultures (e.g. knitting community described by Wei, 2004, or Goth community described by Hodkinson, 2004), to mathematical analysis of links between weblogs indicating that community formation in the blogosphere is not a random process, but an indication of shared interests binding bloggers together (Kumar, Novak, Raghaven & Tomkins, 2003).” (Lilia Efimova & Andrea Ben Lassoued – Mathemagenic)

PICNIC ’06 Cross Media Week Weblog

“The Cross Media Week Foundation is mandated to bring top creative professionals from around the world together in Amsterdam to create new partnerships and opportunities, as well as to establish international networks. The Foundation supports the City of Amsterdam’s TopStad programme which aims to establish Amsterdam as one of Europe’s most creative cities. PICNIC ’06 Cross Media Week is the Foundation’s first major initiative.” (PICNIC ’06)

Blogs and Community: Launching a new paradigm for online community?

“Online community has been an important part of the Internet, mainly forming around email lists, bulletin boards and forums. In recent years, the ascendancy of blogs has introduced a new platform for communities. This article looks at some of the emerging patterns of blog based communities and raises some questions for their strategic application.” (Nancy White – The Knowledge Tree) – courtesy of mathemagenic

FatDUX Blog

“FatDUX people are business professionals who understand the power of new media. We have a simple goal – to create Internet-based websites and applications that rise above the glorified business cards that populate much of today’s web. We share our skills, experience, and vision with clients who are looking for innovative communications solutions that grow their business.” (About FatDUX) – congrats eric

IDEA 2006 blog

“Over the next few months leading to the conference, and probably for a little while afterward, this blog will be the main source of news and information about the forthcoming IDEA conference. There will be links to concepts related to the conference, interviews with conference presenters, and who knows what else.” (IDEA 2006 Conference: Seattle Public Library – Oct. 23-24, 2006) – courtesy of peterme

Ambidextrous Blog

A blog accompanying the magazine – “Ambidextrous is a forum for the cross-disciplinary, cross-market community of people with an academic, professional and personal interest in design. The magazine is geared toward high subscriber participation and interaction. It is expressly designed to be informal, irreverent, and fun to read.” (Ambidextrous)

How values get embedded in technology

The vloggercon keynote by information architect and user experience consultant Peter Van Dijck – “The technology and the culture of videoblogging co-evolve. So the practices and believes that you have are shaped in part by the technology that’s available to you, and the technology that’s being created like crazy these days is shaped by the practices and believes you hold.” (Peter Van Dijckpoorbuthappy)

3rd International Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem Papers

“The weblogging community continues to evolve: weblogs are gaining more and more exposure, the number of bloggers continues to grow and the contribution of individual bloggers is becoming significant and compelling. The dynamics of the blogosphere, found in trackbacks, citation links, blog-rolls, comments, tags, shared topics and interests provides a facinating domain of study for researchers from all academic and commercial fields including text mining, social network analysis, computational linguistics, business and marketing intelligence, libarary sciences, taxonometrics, graph theory and data visualization.” (WWE 2006 Blog)


“Mathemagenic means ‘giving birth to learning’. I use this site as my learning diary, so I think this name fits well. So far, this web-site includes only my blog, a reverse-order posting of insights, commentaries, links and a few longer stories. Later it may grow into bigger web-site, but I’m not in a hurry for that. Learning starts small. As a researcher I’m curious to see how blogs could be used for learning and knowledge sharing. So, my blog is an experiment as well. Most of my learning is around learning, e-learning and knowledge management (and weblogs of course).” (Lilia Efimova)


“We’re looking for bloggers who will be coming to CHI to, well, blog CHI. We’re interested in seeing if adding this virtual layer to the physical presence of CHI will help make CHI a better experience for the community – especially since CHI is a broader conference beast this year, including many new community areas.” (CHI2006: Interact.Inform.Inspire)