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May 2014

The role of user experience in the product development process

With the interdisciplinary work of agile/scrum, UX is not an integral part of product development. And therefore everybody’s responsibility.

“As someone who has worked in the field of user experience for decades, received training on half a dozen development methodologies, and completed over 150 agile projects, one thing that I am quite confused about these days is the term waterfall. In pre-agile times, I never worked in any organization that claimed they were doing waterfall development. If I did hear terms like ‘toss it over the wall’ – and they were as derisive back then as they are now. Product development – at least for products that anyone expects to be successful – has always been iterative, incremental, and collaborative.”

(Steven Hoober a.k.a. @shoobe01 ~ UXmatters)

Designing mobile usability

Mobile usability, the same as paper usability or usability of applications. What’s all the difference? The principles are the same, the instantiations not.

“In this interview Jakob Nielsen, explains the rules of mobile usability. He outlines how to create seamless experiences and why designers are plagued with featuritis. He then goes onto explain the reciprocity principle and the importance of user-centred design.”

(Dorm Room Tycoon)

At the INTERSECTION of design thinking and systems thinking

Great to be part of this emergent topic and community. More to follow, that’s for sure.

A trip report from a cross-disciplinary event ~ “Last month, I attended an event on what hopefully will become a new community of knowledge and practice: strategic enterprise design. At INTERSECTION (Paris, 16-17 April 2014), the communities of experience design and enterprise architecture and design hooked up, each with their own views, opinions and insights on the enterprise of the future. The conference was a cross-disciplinary encounter of communities, previously hardly aware of each others existence. And as they say, the most interesting things happen around the edges.”

(Peter Bogaards ~ BiRDS on a W!RE)