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August 2013

Why a new Golden Age for UI design is around the corner

But can HCI et al. handle this significant upscaling?

“Over the past 30 years, as every facet of our lives, from our shopping to our schooling, has migrated onto computer screens, designers have focused on perfecting user interfaces—placing a button in just the right place for a camera trigger or collapsing the entire payment process into a series of swipes and taps. But in the coming era of ubiquitous sensors and miniaturized mobile computing, our digital interactions won’t take place simply on screens. As the new Disney World suggests, they will happen all around us, constantly, as we go about our day. Designers will be creating not products or interfaces but experiences, a million invisible transactions.”

(Cliff Kuang ~ Wired) courtesy of markvanderbeeken

An answer to the pains of integrating Agile and UX

Tug of war between design and software engineering.

“The real challenge with the standard approach to integrating UX into Agile is fundamental to the staggered sprint model. The challenge is essentially that it is not wholly effective to try to be working ahead on the upcoming backlog items while at the same time supporting the development team, answering their questions, reviewing what they’re doing, and providing ongoing feedback/microiteration with them.”

(Ambrose Little a.k.a. @ambroselittle ~ Boxes and Arrows)

User experience is more than design, it’s strategy

Systematic, deep thinking and research. Sounds academic.

“This is not an issue of corporations’ putting roles into silos. It’s a systemic problem of companies’ underestimating the importance of developing a deep understanding of their customers on an ongoing basis. More fundamentally, companies underestimate the great, untapped potential of UX professionals to leverage their deep understanding of customers at a strategic level within an organization. It’s time that we expand the role of User Experience beyond execution, beyond output, and yes, even beyond design.”

(Christopher Grant Ward ~ UXmatters)

Investigating the state of UX and UI design in tech

System thinking for UX design is disrupting our field.

As web and industrial design begin to collide, UX and UI design are particularly ripe for disruption. ~ “The last major shift in design arguably occurred in the 90s as print design gave way to web design, and designers suddenly had to deal with web safe colors, alias fonts, and the information design challenges of a non-sequential medium. Two decades later, design is approaching a similarly monumental shift as designers move from designing for the web to designing for systems.”

(Jenn Webb a.k.a. @jennwebb ~ O’Reilly Radar)