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June 2011

Understanding Our Interaction Design History

“It’s great that we’re starting to make the history of digital technology available, but I believe we should also be doing the same for interaction design. We need to understand the history of digital design on screens and how it has changed. It’s not because the basic interaction design principles change over time, because they haven’t. The principles we introduced in the CHI course – prominence, relationship, flow, clarity, simplicity and consistency – were just as relevant 25 years ago, they probably just had different names. No, the history matters because how we apply those principles has changed as our technology changed.”

(David Rondeau a.k.a. @dbrondeau ~ InContext)

I don’t care about User Experience

“These days we’ve stopped selling UX and started simply doing it. (…) Sure, some agencies or individuals haven’t quite reached that inflexion point yet, but I can tell you that it’s on the way. Demand is far outstripping supply, so if you’re not there yet, you soon will be. User Experience is no longer a point of difference, it’s just the way all good websites are built these days.”

(Andy Budd a.k.a. @andybudd)