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January 2008

WritersUA Conference Supplemental Materials Archive

“Conference speakers, Peer Showcase presenters, and Exhibitors are invited to provide additional materials to supplement the detailed information included in the printed Proceedings. Additional items may be added to this page as they become available. (…) The Conference speakers retain all rights to their presentation materials. WritersUA only assumes the right to distribute the comprehensive, printed Proceedings. If you would like copies of presentation slides and they are not listed here, we encourage you to request them from the individual speakers. Most speakers have provided their email address in the printed Proceedings.” (WritersUA)

Ted Nelson 70th Birthday Lecture

High definition video registration – Ted Nelson (the guy who coined the term ‘hypertext’) gave a 90 mins. speech on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Not on current computing, but based upon his million notes on meaningful connections, such as education, the brothers Grimm, Indo-European languages, the island of Crete, the Greek Gods, Wikipedia as a casino, AIDS, paper imitation ‘under glass’ and the limitations of the PARC User Interface. (Zepler TV)

Engagement: Should We Care?

“These days, the idea of customer engagement is almost as hot as Web 2.0—and almost as controversial. As busy UX professionals, should we invest our time and energy in caring about engagement, or is it just another buzzword? I think we do need to understand customer engagement, so that, at a minimum, we can respond intelligently to questions about it from marketers or executives. We might even glean some useful insights from thinking about engagement. This column aims to cut through the hype and reveal the potential value of engagement” (Colleen JonesUXmatters)

Motorcycle UX: Riding in the Fast Lane

“As a UX designer, understanding what contributes to a great user experience, how to define who users are, what their mental models consist of, and what kinds of interactions encourage them to succeed—all of these things make me happy. But the thing that makes me the happiest is spending time riding my Moto Guzzi Breva 1100—a rare, handmade Italian motorcycle. For me, it’s the ultimate user experience.” (Joe SokohlUXmatters)

Towards a Model of Innovation

“For the last few years, innovation has been a big topic in conversation about business management. But despite all the conversation, there is little consensus on what innovation is and how to get it. Hugh Dubberly, well known for producing highly visual, exploratory models of complex topics, has produced a new model that explores the rich subject matter of innovation.” (Hugh Dubberly – interactions magazine) – congrats with the fresh site