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July 2007

Yes, design can make you happy

VIDEO – “Analyzing a list of things that have made him happy, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister realized that almost half of the items were in some way related to design. In this intensely personal talk, he shares the details of some of those moments, and gives props to three artists whose work has had a positive impact on his world. Concluding with some examples of his own work, Sagmeister offers a real insight into his aesthetic and philosophy of work — and life.” (TED Talks) – courtesy of 43folders

Institute of Design Strategy Conference 2007: A review from Chicago

“Soft-spoken Whitney was setting up the program for the Institute’s annual Strategy Conference he chairs, which took place this past May, and which has become the key English-speaking forum for discussing and investigating the new relationships emerging between design and business. ‘This conference seems to get bigger and better every year’, claimed Doblin figurehead (and Institute affiliate) Larry Keeley in his summing up of the first day. And not without merit as, a poll of the 300-strong audience revealed, one quarter of that audience had attended the previous year.” (Nico Macdonald – Core77) – courtesy of markvanderbeeken