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December 2004

Pulling sense out of today’s informational chaos

“The informational overload currently facing Western society is changing the way we understand the world as well as rendering obsolete our current ways of managing information and creating knowledge. With these changes in mind, I will examine the blogging service LiveJournal as a new and more applicable way of managing information and creating knowledge in today’s society.” (Kate Raynes–GoldieFirst Monday December 2004)

The Future of Digital Product Design pdf logo

Dirks presentation from BayDUX on December 8, 2004 – “The term ‘user’ is outdated and dehumanizing, but it is understood and accepted by most organizations in our industry. (…) Every member of a UX Design team should be involved in different types and levels of research. It should be hard-coded into every function. Research is the most important part of good design.” (Dirk Knemeyer – Involution Studios LLC)

Three Important Benefits of Personas

“Personas are becoming a regular staple in many of the development teams we talk to. The method helps teams make a smooth translation between requirements and design, resulting with much cleaner designs. The benefits of preventing grounding, encouraging story telling, and enhancing role playing are rarely discussed, yet very present when you see the method in full force. It’s these benefits that guide our belief that personas will be a trusted method for many years to come.” (Jared Spool)

Fine Tuning Your Enterprise Search: How To Get The Best Results To Your Users

“It is increasingly recognised in the modern enterprise that getting the processes of searching for and retrieving information right in a business can deliver a vital competitive edge. In a knowledge based economy employees who can’t find vital internal information about their jobs are less productive, and with the advent of the web, potential customers who can’t get straight to the information they need are only a click away from a competitor’s site.” (Martin Belam – currybetdotnet)

Ten ways to continuously improve your intranet

“The amount of work involved in designing a new intranet or redesigning an existing intranet is minor compared to the time needed to maintain an effective intranet over the longer term. In fact, it is common for the initial excitement of a new intranet to fade away as the reality of day-to-day maintenance and the challenges of improving the intranet become apparent.” (Donna Maurer and Tina CalabriaKM Column)

Why it makes sense to do both Expert Review and Usability Testing

“(…) doing both ER followed by UT optimizes the return on the usability investment. ER identifies fundamental or generic challenges within the user experience. Usability Testing highlights contextually specific gaps between the user model and the site model. Executed together, UT builds on the ER, providing complimentary feedback supporting focused and actionable design recommendations. Thus, the power of combined usability review techniques is significantly enhances the power of the review.” (Kathleen Straub – The UPA Voice) – courtesy of step two design

Activity-Centered Design: An Ecological Approach to Designing Smart Tools and Usable Symbols

Review – “The book is clearly intended as the beginning of an on-going dialogue. It ends a bit like a Star Wars movie, with the promise of a sequel. There is clearly opportunity for additional work in data representation, as well as deeper study into each of the areas described in these six chapters. However, the book provides an excellent incentive for system designers to pursue activity-centered design, and a good initial set of tools to start them on their way.” (Carl Bedingfield – ACM Ubiquity)