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February 2004

Louis Rosenfeld: The InfoDesign interview

“(..) fields like IA and concepts like UX really are new. Certainly the work itself isn’t new, but a conscious understanding of them is. Consciousness is a prerequisite for just about everything else in life. So when we’re feeling our most frustrated with our clients, our bosses, our colleagues and peers, and the economic harshness of recent years, we have to remember that this is all new, that levels of consciousness are rising, things are get tingbetter, and that it remains an extremely exciting time to be working as a designer of any stripe.” (Dirk Knemeyer – InfoDesign: Understanding by Design)

Multimodal Systems

“The interface between humans and computers still suffers from many deficiencies. Multimodal systems using multibiometric elements, multimodal interfaces and multisensor systems are beginning to alleviate many of them.” (Juan C. Dürsteler – Inf@Vis!)